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Have questions? We have answers! These are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. 

What are your fees?

The initial intake session costs $200. During this session, your counselor will help identify your diagnosis and will outline a care plan.

Individual, group, and family sessions range from $100-150 depending on the length of the session. To learn more about our services and rates click here.

What payment methods do you accept?

Renew Counseling accepts cash, check, and electronic payments. 

We also accept a variety of Insurance programs and Employee Assisted Programs. To learn more about these programs we accept, click here.

Do you have evening hours available?

Appointments are available from 9am-7pm Monday-Thursday. We understand that regular business hours are not always convenient and strive to serve you during evening hours.  This is based on need and availability.  

How often will I see my counselor?

The frequency of your appointments will depend on your care plan. We will work together to outline a schedule that you are comfortable with that also provides you with the time and attention you deserve. We are also available for urgent appointments between regularly scheduled appointments. 

Do you charge a fee for cancelations? 

Please remember to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. You will be responsible for the entire fee if cancellation is less than 24 hours. The standard meeting time for psychotherapy is 50 minutes. It is up to you, however, to determine the length of time of your sessions. Requests to change the 50-minute session should be discussed with the therapist in order for time to be scheduled in advance. A $10.00 service charge will be charged for any checks returned for any reason for special handling. Cancellations and re-scheduled sessions will be subject to a full charge if not received at least 24 hours in advance. This is necessary because a time commitment is made to you and is held exclusively for you. If you are late for a session, you may lose some of that session time.

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